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Postby lawoman » Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:19 pm

I'm not exactly that new in the guild, but since it's been up for quite some time, anyone being a member for less than a year should probably be considered a Chilled Out Newbie. This is the only occasion that term seems fit; ever since I've been playing WoW - some 5 years now - I've hated the N-word. Started my online gaming career in GW with the very first Lawoman. Posted her pic because I like it better than mine, but if you want to see what i look like (well, you might :oops: ), just google Ineke Verheul.
At the beginning of this year I set up my own company, which enables me to combine work and pleasure in a great way: it's about using (entertainment games) for education. WoW for example has a fantastic learning potential! Hope to do a project in here sometime.
Setting up something new took most of the energy I had, so that there was none of it left for things I enjoy to do too as well, like writing books, making movies and singing jazz. You might think that's just as well, after you heard my version of Summertime :)

There's of course always enough energy to play WoW though :)
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