Beth'tilac Tactic's if we ever get enough to go there :)

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Beth'tilac Tactic's if we ever get enough to go there :)

Postby bullbus » Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:48 pm

taken from other websites

Quick strategy overview:
Phase 1

get 1 tank with a healer and as many melees as you can spare on top of the web
let the rest kill adds on the ground
avoid the meteors on top
get down when beth casts her smoldering devastation
gather on the ground to maximze healing during ember flare

Phase 2

switch tanks when one gets widows kiss
use bloodlust/heroism to dps beth down as fast as you can
rotate defensive cds if beth gets more then 10 frenzy stacks

Our Group:

2 Tank - | Druid | DK |
3 Healers - | Paladin | Shaman | Priest |
5 DPS - | Warlock | Mage | Hunter | Death Knight | Rogue |

General Boss Information:

This boss is a 2 phase encounter.
She summons adds and sprays fire/magma to try and kill the raid
It is a fairly simple encounter and mainly just a gear check

Boss Abilities:

---Phase 1: (Not % based)

Upon engaging Beth, she retreats to her canopy and begins casting a magma spew that damages all members of the raid until a player goes to the canopy with her... which is reached by mounting on the remaining webs of dead spiders.
Shortly after engaging, she will spawn groups of adds...

1 Cinderweb Drone

A large spider that needs to be tanked
He does a frontal cone AoE magma spew, so turn it away from the raid
Also casts Burning Acid on random players
We had our rogue on this add the whole time with help from everyone else when there was nothing to do.

4-6 Cinderweb Spinners

These are medium sized spiders that dangle from webs, and will remain there until taunted down.
They don't do much damage and have ~230k HP
Also casts Burning Acid on random players
Once these spiders die, their webs can be used to reach the top of the canopy... We usually send the tank first, followed by a healer and then 1-2 DPS.
We had our hunter solo these during this phase

15ish Cinderweb Spiderlings

Run around casting Seeping Venom if they get too close to a player.
Have very little health and can be AoE down easily
We had our DK solo these easily


These adds will spawn as groups with the numbers stated above. You will get them after each Smoldering Devastation, which she will cast once her mana reaches zero.
You want to make sure that the people going up jump down through a hole in the canopy as she starts casting this ability. While up top, all you have to do is DPS and watch out for the Meteors that she casts. There is an effect on the ground and it's pretty easy to avoid
Smoldering Devastation will happen 3 times before entering Phase 2

---Phase 2:

Phase 2 starts after the third Smoldering Devastation cast.
Make sure the adds are dead when she enters P2 because she will consume them and get healed up.
This phase is 100% a burn phase.
Have everyone in your raid stack, except for the 2 tanks. This is due to The Widow's Kiss. When this happens, tank swap.
Alongside the kiss, Beth will begin to slowly enrage by casting Frenzy every few seconds. This stacks indefinitely until the end of the encounter.
Finally, the hardest part of P2 is Ember Flare, which is cast periodically and hits the whole raid. Stack up and use CDs to survive the latter part of this phase


Send as much DPS up top as you can to get as much damage on her as possible without getting overrun below.
Execution is key, but fairly easy... just kill what you need to and avoid meteors
Don't be bad.

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