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Darkmoon Professional

Postby Enna » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:13 pm

Hey! =)

Figured I'd do a little shameless self promotion.

My first WoW Addon has now been submitted to Curse and approved, and can now be found there and at WoWInterface at the following links:
http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/f ... p?id=22395

So what does it do? Pretty simple really. There are profession quests you can do for all professions and secondary skills every month at the Darkmoon Faire, that give you +5 to your skill for virtually no cost or effort.
This addon helps you keep track of whether or not you have done the quests, and also helpfully tells you if the Faire is open, if your skill level is good enough to do the quest (you need at least 75 points in a skill to take the quest), and what materials you should bring to be able to do the quests (and how many you have with you).

It's pretty lightweight and can be handy if you're someone like me who juggles a lot of alts and never remember who did what. Comments, suggestions and feedback are most welcome if you decide to check it out. =)
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